TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz

Young, wild and free. Branding a theatre.

Rebranding Smart Building Technology.

Rebranding Smart Building Technology.

Rebranding Smart Building Technology.

The Client

This independent Graz-based theatre company, TaO! – Theater am Ortweinplatz started out as an incubator for young and aspiring directors, actors, stage designers and scriptwriters in 1992. Besides stage plays, this theatre also offers programs and workshops for schools to get students involved with the magic of theatre. For the brand rebrush, we wanted to keep an unpolished, playful vibe while paying tribute to the huge amount of craft, creativity and professionalism that goes into every production.


Creative Services

Logo Rebrush
Brand Typography
Art Direction
Program Booklets
Posters & Flyers

Program Booklets
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Workshop Folders
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Brand Rebrush
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Art Direction
Georg Liebergesell
Graphic Design
Georg Liebergesell
Anna Spindler
Clemens Nestroy
Stefanie Lehrner
Production Management
Corinna Bürger-Mader
Anna-Katerina Frizberg
Stefanie Lehrner